Thursday, May 12, 2011

HELLO ! *A Big Wave*
It has been a long time I've never update my blog . I have nothing to do now and thats why I'm here .
It is just a random post because I have nothing to blog about . A HAWT weather continued for a few days , and FINALLY IT RAINS today ! *Phew*
As my mid-term exam is starting tomorrow , i've to use all of my effort to start my revision from now on . AHHHHHH ! I'm going to have art exam tomorrow , and yet I have no ideas what to draw for my exam , all I need is illusion but everything is breaking me down . Currently not in a good mood and nobody will know what actually am I thinking and how I feel right now .
Laying on the bed , looking at the stars on the sky in a lonely night , tears are dropping , take a deep breath and shed my tears away . I know I've been thinking too much , but my mind just cant stop thinking . I wanted to be a good and understanding girlf , i've tried my best . Tried to hide my feelings but failed . Over-caring towards you , i think ? I have to learn to be more independent . I left my heart broken once and I wont repeat the same thing anymore . Now all I need to do is relax myself , clear off my mind and this is the only way to know what I need the most . Need to concentrate on my exams first , just screw it .
End .

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello bloggers and passersby ! It has been a long time that I've never update a new post for my blog , so now I'm here to update you guys !
I've been updated all my blog design and header except the blogskin , so now I'm updating a new post for my blog as I've deleted all the older post because it seems untidy .
I've been busy in studies , tuitions and school activities nowadays . I'd spent the other time with my boyfie but usually will be going out on weekend only so it's hard for me to online update my blog . The other reason is I'm lazy , need to spend more time on studies as I'm form four right now , there's more additional subject . I have to put more effort and spend more time on studies so that I wont regret .
I've been down for this few weeks . It seems that we dont understand each other anymore , there's so many misunderstanding between us . Friendship is hard to remain , it's different from last time . I miss the days we've been together . I hope I could turn back the time , the time we've spend together happily and we've enjoyed so much but I know it's impossible , we've different way of thinkings . Sometimes , I know I'm invisible to you . I am not asking for anything but I just want my friend , friend that can really cheer me when I need them by my side , share anything with , smile and laugh all the way together . It's hard to find someone truly know and understand your heart , it's hard to find someone to share everything you wanted . It's hard to find a true friend . Sigh . I've been trying my best to let it go and relax myself .
Just came back from tuition and I've to rush for my school work right now . I will update soon .
Tata !